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Dogging Wives In Pantyhose Looking For Sex In Public Car Parks With Doggers And Other Dogging Sluts

hi guys,

my name is natasha, you may have seen me on other websites and also flashing here at Pantyhose In Public, As you may have gathered I am a huge fan of wearing pantyhose and stockings and dressing as slutty as i can when i go out, on the streets, in bars and night clubs and also just when i am at work in the office.

i also have another naughty pasttime that i just love participating in and thats dogging....

dogging wife in car park

Dogging is essentially a british fascination but its expanding into other countries fast! Its where consenting adults meet up for sex in a public place (typically a secluded car park, the woods, cinema - you get the idea....) and it can also involve watching others dogging, or a man and wife in a car with no interaction.

Theres plenty of people that like to just have sex together (boyfriend/girlfriend or man and wife with the car locked and windows up) while a group of guys watch...


Theres naughty sluts who love to get out the car and take on as many guys as they can either orally or allow themselves to be fucked by a group while their husband either looks on or takes part.

I fall into the 2nd category and just love to dress like a slut and be fucked by as many guys as possible

wife dogging wearing stockings with tits exposed

I always encorage watching me while i am dogging with a group of guys so you get to see how it works if its your 1st time.

Voyeurism and exhibitionism are closely associated with dogging so you will always see me with my skirt pulled up around my waist and my legs spread revealing my silk stockings or sheer pantyhose, even in the middle of the day in car parks....

dogging car park slut in stockings wanking guy off

So how does all this dogging happen then?

Well, The two sets of people involved often meet either randomly or (increasingly) arrange to meet-up beforehand over the Internet, and this is the way that i work, I will only meet up with guys that i trust, and therefore the only way i know who to trust is those guys that have joined my website as they have an interest in me already and want to see me in my stockings or pantyhose.

I want guys to fuck me that get turned on by me and i can feel how much you want to fuck me when your cock is pumping me full of thick hot spunk.

so all the details about meeting me are always available in the members area when i have a dogging session lined up

wife dogging stroking cock and sucking cock
The word dogging was used in the 1970s to describe the practice (mainly among sexually curious adolescents and more adult 'Peeping Toms') of sneaking-up on couples having sex in cars in isolated lovers lanes and watching them whilst remaining undetected. Nowadays dogging describes practices really more accurately described as 'outdoor swinging' and consensual mutual voyeurism/exhibitionism.
dogging wife in public car park with pantyhose legs spread for strangers enjoyment

Just imagine the scene, you turn up at your local dogging spot found at pantyhose in public. Within 20 minutes you are being sucked off by a mysterious blonde (me maybe! hee hee) wearing my sheer tan stockings or silky black pantyhose with my crotch cut out so you can access my well used soaking wet pussy , before being fucked by some horny bitch (me again) over the bonnet of your car.

While all this is going on, there are girls and men watching from a distance, wanking !!!!

Maybe you'll have two girls or maybe two guys join in. Whatever you want, you can find it at your local dogging site which we list for you inside, its all part of the pantyhose in public membership package

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dogging wife in back of car in car park getting ready to take on 4 strangers cocks

At Pantyhose In Public You Will Find Out :-

- The Best locations To Get Involved With Dogging

- Maps of locations to join in

- The etiquette behind dogging

- galleries of me and other sluts dogging and having sex with groups of guys

- videos of tons of dogging action

- I make sure i am always wearing stockings or pantyhose when i go dogging so you get the best action of me in my nylons

- dates of where you can find me dogging to come and join in with me


you wanna come and have some pure filthy fun fucking a hot MILF in sheer stockings or pantyhose, or maybe let me suck your cock or wank you until you spunk all over my tits or my pantyhose, or better still inside me!

step inside....

dogging wife gets touched up by 2 guys in her pantyhose



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